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Khafre pyramid Mk1

Khafre pyramid Mk1

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 year, 1 month ago
Model of the Khafre's pyramid of the pharaoh Khafre in Egypt. Second tallest pyramid in Egypt. Located at the royal necropolis of Giza. The pyramid is 143 meters high and 215 meters wide at the level of its square base. Each block layer on the texture means one meter of height.

This model includes the original appearance of the complete finished pyramid, the actual present day appearance with some cladding worn off and also the basic body without any cladding at all.

- Model is placed in the origin.
- All parts are logically named.
- Model is in real world dimensions.

With model there are provided 8K diffuse textures for original appearance, present worn off cladding and body. With them there are also coresponting 4K normal maps for each.

UV coords maps are also included. It is mapped only one side of the pyramid, so all sides are overlapping over themselves.

Model was made in program CaZaBa 1.12 (native format *.CZB)

File formats provided:
- .CZB
- .DAE
- .FBX 2015.1 (both ascii and binary)
- .OBJ with .MTL
- .STL (both ascii and binary)