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Keycreator 2011 menu

Keycreator 2011 menu

by GrabCAD

Here is a replacement menu for the default. I found the default to be pretty useless, icons for things that were used infrequently or not at all, and none for the things that are used allot. I think you will find this laid out very logically and with many things you always do just as views, levels, import for SAT patterns, solid-wireframe modes, distance/entity measuring etc. Try it, you can always go back. You could also use this as a base to customize further.

Put this KSA file in with the program and where other .KSA files are after unzipping. Just import using Tools>settings import> then import everything except gestures, those were not changed.

NOTE: If you already have a menu/standard settings and want to just try this EXPORT ALL OF YOUR CURRENT SETTINGS to backup (you should do this anyway in case of system crash) so that you can inport them back if you want. Just in the same menu select "Settings Export".

Both of these are super easy to do so no big deal.