KeyShot Toon Render: Triumph Logo 3d model
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KeyShot Toon Render: Triumph Logo

KeyShot Toon Render: Triumph Logo

by GrabCAD
Last crawled date: 7 months, 3 weeks ago
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Still waiting on the KeyShot license so just playing around. Only screen shots because of watermark and this is a simple part because the trial I cannot save my work yet (not fun with a large model with lots of materials.

I applied the toon for all material with 60 degree angle, .5 thick and 0 quality.
for the split shot I did a second render with gem and leather material and then combined them in paint. When I get it up and going I will play with Photoshop but my SolidWorks and KeyShot are on my Windows side and Photoshop is on Mac side. My KeyShot on Mac side does not appear to work well.

The model is my