Kasteel Zijpendaal

by 3DWarehouse
Castle Zijpendaal in Sonsbeek park in Arnhem. The castle was built between 1762 and1764. This castle was built on the same spot as the old Zijpendaal building. In 1883-1884 some reconstruction was done and the little tower was added. At the same time the porch, the railing on the roof and the balconies were added to the house. In 1975 Zijpendaal became a cultural heritage and the top floors were opened to the public. The park is situated right in the center of Arnhem and is connected to the Veluwe. One could walk from the center of the city to Sonsbeek park in 2 minutes and than all the way up to the Veluwe National Park. The unusual landscape of flowing hills, heath and old forests make this one of the most beautiful areas in the Netherlands.