KTM OEM Motocross Wheel Set 3d model
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KTM OEM Motocross Wheel Set

KTM OEM Motocross Wheel Set

by TurboSquid
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KTM OEM Motocross Wheel Set for KTM, HUSABERG and HUSQVARNA bikes.

Blender Cycles.

HUSABERG and HUSQVARNA are brands owned by KTM, they thus use almost the same parts.

- Dunlop Geomax MX52 tires.
- Excel Takasago rims.
- Wave galfer disks.

- Each .rar file contains 1 front and 1 rear wheels with both high and low unsubdivided meshes for each format.
- The scale is set to 1.000
- These models are very accurate and very similar to the real world (scale, proportion, sidewall texts for the tires) measured in metric units.
I mostly use quad polygons when modeling and only a very few triangles.

- specs:
Front: Tire: 80/100-21: 670 mm in diameter; 80 mm wide.
            Rim: 1.6x21 inch: 533,4 mm in diameter; 40,64 mm wide.
            Hub: Disk: 260 mm in diameter; 2.5 mm thick.
                      Axle hole: 26 mm in diameter.

Rear: Tire: 110/90-19: 650 mm in diameter; 114 mm wide.
          Rim: 2.15x19 inch: 482,6 mm in diameter; 54,61 mm wide.
          Hub: Disk: 220 mm in diameter; 3.5 mm thick.
                     Sprocket: 270 mm in diameter; 52 teeth.
                     Axle hole: 20 mm in diameter.

- poly counts:
Front: High: 769.585 vertices; 753.278 polygons
          Low: 89.049 vertices; 84.759 polygons
Rear: High: 876.573 vertices; 849.390 polygons
          Low: 95.805 vertices; 87.318 polygons

- textures:
Tires: Front: 4160x4160 sidewall; 2048x2048 tread
          Rear: 4240x4240 sidewall; 2048x2048 tread
Each tire have: 3 normal maps (2 side - 1 tread)
                            3 specular maps (2 side - 1 tread)
                            2 diffuse maps (1 for each side - 1 tread)
Rims: 1814x512
Hubs: 1024x1024 (bump map)
Disks: 800x800

- The rendering scene is the .blend file itself.

* This product is compatible with all my other products that belong in the same category.