KMS Graf Zeppelin

by 3DWarehouse
The KMS Graf Zeppelin was the only aircraft carrier ever launched by the German navy. The ship was launched in 1938, a year before the German invasion of Poland, but was never completed due to the inefficiency and incompetence of the Nazi regime. This may not be the best model on the warehouse, and it may not be one-hundred percent accurate, but if you're looking for a model of the Graf Zeppelin, this will do nicely. This model also includes a scale model of a Bf 109, modeled by Psychotron, with a fictional Kriegsmarine paint scheme. Thanks to 暗夜狐狸, Psychotron and Markz8686 for some of the components. I am by no means finished with this model and will update it in the future. Use of this model is subject to my permission.