JMSDF LST-4002 shimokita 3d model
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JMSDF LST-4002 shimokita

JMSDF LST-4002 shimokita

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 year, 3 months ago
Doing it 'finishes Marine Self Defense Force transportation warship LST-4002 to the warship which came of the same type', and there is 'kunisaki', but there is clear difference in each place. It is landing ship, but disaster support is the master of the duty because I do not invade and attack to the other countries.
The derivation type that finishes a lot of one piece 'kunisaki' as for the initial model, the 'oosumi' trainer fortunetelling comb, the number of that 'came to doing it' the decks in 'the corner'.

This model is hard to use a lot the number of the parts, but reduction, please adjust the side except two elevators that high-definition expression is possible, rear large size lamp, a motor launch storage crane, the getting on and off ladder to an opening and shutting choice type, a motor launch 1 boat, the large size radar (OPS-14C) attached to the rubber boat when I do rendering because it is slightly slightly bigger. In addition, the Hovercraft (LCAC) 2 boat is not attached. Rendering wall paper of terra Gen is attached