J-Man Self-Destroying Toy

by Thingiverse
What degree of control do products hold over us, especially unopened ones? J-Man explores that concept by appearing to be a fun, interactive robot you can take out of the box and play with, but as soon as the back plate is removed the entire robot falls apart! I’m personally fascinated by the pedestal we place unopened products on and the excitement created by opening new things. J-Man taps into this in a fun, fine-arts-y way.
To create this illusion the back plate for the robot has five tabs that insert through the cardstock package and attach to where the head, arm, and leg joints would go. When the plate is pulled and pressure is applied, all of the appendages fall off.
To construct the product, print the parts. Find a piece of cardstock and print whatever logos you may want on it, then glue on a plastic shell! The design for my package is available as one of the files attached.
Want the actual functioning robot? It’s available on my profile.