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Island 01 - tropical

Island 01 - tropical

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 12 months ago
Model of an U-shaped island with 21 palm trees.

The whole tile of terrain (landmass) is 192x192 meters of size and has 256x256 polygons.

There is for the landmass a 8192x8192px diffuse map and 4096x4096px normal map.
For sea surface there is 4096x4096px alpha map making near-shore surroundings visible under water.
For the palm trees there is a diffuse, normal and alpha map. All of them in 4096x4096px resolution.

- All parts are logically named.
- Whole scene is placed in the origin.
- All parts are in real world size.

UV coords map for palm is also included.
UV coords of landmass are not unwrapped.

Model was made in program CaZaBa 1.11 (native format *.CZB)

File formats provided:
- .CZB
- .DAE
- .FBX 2015.1 (both ascii and binary)
- .OBJ with .MTL
- .STL (both ascii and binary)