ISO FLEX Bike Concept 3d model
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ISO FLEX Bike Concept

ISO FLEX Bike Concept

by GrabCAD
Last crawled date: 8 months ago
A Bike for Bounding! ...I Like Bounding Boing Boing Boing
This Pogo or Kangaroo bike can leap tall buildings with a single bound!
Just dont expect a warranty replacement of the Lefty Electrolyte Fork / Power Hub.
It has cogs just for effect, it would be great if technology for something like this meant you didn't need pedals & crank, but sooner or later those batteries will run out.

In piecing together parts from GrabCad, I decided on this configuration, would be good if the forward motion could be achieved with a combination shift of C.O.G and by bounding :)
with the suspension for an Iso Metric work out on the ISO FLEX

Update: I'm Hopping Mad...boing...this bike has now been renamed to PoGo A GoGo after the recent escapade.