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I.P.C. F-603 (for Gunny's Fighter Contest)

I.P.C. F-603 (for Gunny's Fighter Contest)

by 3DWarehouse
This fighter was designed with exceptional speed and maneuverability. Its only propulsion are four warp-engines which are exact enough to propel it as low as 2MPH, yes powerful enough to propel it over a gogolplex (a one with 1,000 zeroes behind it) lightyears in under a nano-jiffy (once again a jiffy is a real measuremeant of time, one-onethousandth of a second). Its primary weapon is a high-powerd, long-range tracer-beam mounted on the front, similar to the plasma beam on the I.P.C. demolition cruiser. It works by shooting a beam of plasma around and ionized dome, which alter the beam's course, allowing it to destroy targets not directly in front of the fighter. Other armaments include 10-15 internally held missiles, two repeating plasmatic railguns with thermo-nuclear warheads, and the occasional discharge of one of the engines, which is like somewhat a warp-blaster. I made this almost enirely with the line tool, but the model didn't quite turn out as I was hoping.