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Hughes Schweizer 300 Charlie

Hughes Schweizer 300 Charlie

by 3DWarehouse
Firstly big credit shout out to sletch2003 for his Avco Textron Lycoming HIO-360-A engine and landing skids!!..... Apart from the aforementioned engine and skids, everything else was created by your truly and made as measurement exact as I could using publicly available references. This then is Charlie Three, practically a flying legend that is still in production by Sikorsky Helicopters under the S-300 badge these days.******* About this model*** I made some amphibious floats on a dedicated layer, two different vertical stabilizers also on dedicated layers with a choice of either more modern airfoil shape as shown, or the earlier delta wing shape similar to the TH-55 on its own layer, the doors are also on a dedicated layer to show the model with doors on, and with doors removed, and the whole model can be colored differently by using the paint can on the parent grouping, or you could dive into the hive of nested groups and color things seperately however you wish. Enjoy Charlie Three everyone! =D