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by 3DWarehouse
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House. Just a house. Another one of my houses that look completly AWESOME!!!! house!This house has room for expansion. feel free to modify my house but be sure to let me know. Do not steal my house. Please rate honestly and don't rate my house badly just because you don't like me. This house has no furniture or interior. But feel free to add some to my house. This house took me about 1 hour. house! Its one of those house/models that you have done, but you just don't want to post it on. This house was made about 2 weeks since i posted it on. Once again, this one of my best Plese rate my house honestly.Don't rate my house just because i rated one of your models! for people who type in house, house, house, house,etc wil be reported. If you have any comments about my house please let me know. I rely on what people suggest i shoud do.House! Thats how i improve. so please rate my house! Thanks for reading my description for my PLease rate my house. as You can probably see i like to make house. I want to know what i can improve on for my house. If u rate my house, I WILL RATE A MODEL OF YOUR, but it has to be a house:(. on this house there is a trim. Let me know if the trim fits with the house. Also you mich notice the triangle things by the roof on the house. Please let me know if they fit with the house! #awesome_house #big_house #brick_house #cool_house #family_house #giant_house #house #my_house #neat_house #normal_house #small_house