by 3DWarehouse
This small craftsman bungalow house is just north of Paulwall's downtown district across the train tracks. This is an area where the houses are small, badly kept, cookie cutter and old. There isn't a great selection of shops nearby nor does the area look very clean. It is the side of town with wooden light posts, chain link fences, rusting cheverolet, big dogs and window bars... But check out this adorable cottage bungalow! It is a city house that looks very much like a cabin! It has the typical craftsman cedar shake siding. It also has grand, large windows that let in a lot of light. Though the rooms are rather small, there are some good space saving features inside this centennial house such as the fact it does not have a hallway! It also has a basement for a full storage opportunity. The kitchen has a cast iron vintage antique oven original to the house. The only bathroom has immaculate original tile work half way up the walls. It's something you'll love if you can overlook the fact the grout has long turned black. The dining room features a private porch of its own! Also, the house has 3 bedrooms. I hope you like this tiny cottage bungalow and please rate :)