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House + Garage

House + Garage

by 3DWarehouse
This is how the Garage, also in my collection, would be added to your model. Just import it, explode it, and edit it. This house is from an 1863 plan, used as it was drawn, only a few changes made, mainly to the roof and tower, which had another story added to it. Pocket doors are on layers. Use it to 'open' the doors. You won't get far otherwise. Historical note: Originally this house was heated by stoves and fireplaces. The gray disks are the old flue connections. You can follow the route of the flue upstairs across the hall, thru one bedroom into the other one. There are also old flue covers on the chimneys. Front to rear on rite is the Parlor, Sitting Room, and Dining. Did not use the 2nd floor above kitchen, which was the maid's quarters. It now on the left on the ground floor. Bob