Horse Collection Vfx Cinematic Realistic Zbrush Sculpt 3d model
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Horse Collection Vfx Cinematic Realistic Zbrush Sculpt

Horse Collection Vfx Cinematic Realistic Zbrush Sculpt

by TurboSquid
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Horse Collection Vfx

The collection contains 3 basic horse types.
The Thoroughbred horse has variations. One has a more fragile physique, the other is more powerful. These variations are minor. but in some angles are very noticeable. Total 4 horses.
Models list:

1 Base Horse v2                ID: 1375148
2 Thoroughbred Horse    ID: 1392995
3 Thoroughbred Horse v2
4 Arabian Horse               ID: 1385857

discount 50%

If purchased individually:    $1427
Collection price:             $699
You save:                     $728!!!

The main renders done in Keyshot.
Second renders in Zbrush with custom material and standart materail - MatCap Gray.

each model consists of 2 subtools.
horse with 5-6 Sdiv
eyes with 2 Sdiv

I hope you enjoy and will be very useful in your work

File Formats:
- ZTL(Zbrush 4R7)
Base Horse v2   5 491 000 polys
Thoroughbred Horse v1 10,901,000 polys
Thoroughbred Horse v2 10,901,000 polys
Arabian Horse 10,831,000 polys

- OBJ (Multi Format) decimation with Decimation master 15% consist of triangles


About us.
Alpha Models is a small, ambitious studio located in a provincial town. We perform the whole range of works, but mainly specialize in three-dimensional sculpture.
Having extensive experience in modeling, we develop and use our own modeling method. It is based on the principles and methods of the Russian Imperial Academy of Arts. Repin. It is not based on the superficial copying of all visible forms, but on a thorough study and synthesis of external forms, anatomy, etc.