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Holly Hunt Glass Stool

Holly Hunt Glass Stool

by 3ddd
Last crawled date: 2 years, 11 months ago

Inspired by objects linked to the trades, such as carpentry, metalsmithing,
and jewelry making, Alison Bergers furniture collection pays homage to
the beautiful and often forgotten heritage of art and craft. The common
thread throughout the entire line is the idea of taking traditional forms and
reinterpreting them in cast and etched glass, engraved bronze, and steel,
thereby elevating them. By taking quotidian, vernacular forms and translating
them into luminous objects, Berger blurs the line between furniture and art.
I have focused on pieces that were used for practical purposes to draw,
write or sit on and have created fine and rarefied versions of them, using
materials and processes not commonly seen in furniture.

The model is based on the original manufacturer dimensions and technical data.

Materials and groups are named the same, as the model.

Instance geometry, one multi-submaterial for model for easy change or setup.

Lowpoly geometry for turbosmooth.

Object at 0.0.0, clean and light scene.

The archive contains the OBJ & 3DS file & more previews.