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Hitachi_plane_Tachikawa_transformer_substation   旧日立航空機立川変電所 跡

Hitachi_plane_Tachikawa_transformer_substation 旧日立航空機立川変電所 跡

by 3DWarehouse
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This power plant, was built in 1938 as a substation facilities that transmission to the munitions factory to produce the engine of military aircraft such as the Zero fighter. On 19 April 17 and February 1945, the substation is subject to strafe by P-51 Mustang and the F6F Hellcat. The April 24, and damaged by the bombing by B-29 of the hundred further. Manufacturing plant was badly damaged,but substation was spared major damage. After the war, while leaving the bullet traces of strafe as a substation of Komatsu-ZENOAH Tachikawa factory, it has been used as a substation until 1993. This facility is specified to historic sites of Higashiyamato-city of Tokyo in 1995, the city is performing maintenance and management. It can not still enter the building inside, but in the case of events held irregularly, it is possible to look inside is open to the public.