Heavy Duty LED Drop Light/Task Light w/ Hooks - 28 Watts - 50' cord - 5' Tube

by GrabCAD

The Larson Electronics FTL-5-LED-50-HD 28 watt LED drop light is ideal in practically any environment including but not limited to: general maintenance, construction, aircraft interior, emergency shelter, long, narrow pathways, ship yards, etc. These lights are also suitable for civilian and military shelter units. The LED lamp in these drop lights offer much longer lamp life, cooler operation, higher durability, and better light quality than incandescent drop lights.

Constructed to be completely weather and impact resistant, this LED drop light sacrifices no light output or quality to obtain these feats. The FTL-5-LED-50 is shock resistant, making it durable enough to withstand drops, falls, and rough handling. Equipped with a 50,000 hour LED T8 lamp, this LED drop light is designed to operate at cooler operating temperatures than conventional incandescent and fluorescent lights to reduce the chance of fire and burns. The built-in reflector provides a wide, glare free, and shadow-less light field of bright white light.

The FTL-5-LED-50-HD is equipped with one of our own LEDT-24W T8 bulbs which produces 3,500 lumens and requires no ballast to operate. The lightly frosted lens diffuses the light and makes this bulb ideal for food safe environments as there is no glass. The aluminum housing serves as a heat sink and provides rigidity and strength for this LED bulb. These universal voltage fluorescent style LED bulbs run on voltage ranging from 120-277V AC and 11-25V AC/DC.

We have eliminated the ballast normally associated with fluorescent fixtures which reduces overall weight and overall complexity of the task light. There is no ballast in this unit and the included LED lamps have a 50,000+ hour service life, both of which result in extreme efficiency and greatly reduced maintenance costs. These fluorescent LED lamps have internal drivers, eliminating external power components. The solid state design of the LED lamps give this fixture superior resistance to damage from vibration, extremes in temperature and a lamp service life over twice that of standard fluorescent bulbs. This second generation lamp is offered in 5600K cool white color temperature.

Unlike gas burning and arc type lamps that have glass bulbs, LEDs have no filaments or fragile housings to break during operation. Instead of heating a small filament or using a combination of gases to produce light, light emitting diodes (LEDs) use semi-conductive materials that illuminate when electric current applied and emitting light. With LED lights, there is no warm up time or cool down time before re-striking and provide instant illumination when powered on, adding to the reliability of LED technology. By nature, LED light sources run significantly cooler than traditional lamps, reducing the chance of accidental burns and increased temperatures due to heat emissions. This solid state design of light emitting diodes provides a more reliable, stable, durable, and energy efficient light source over traditional lighting.

The key to the HD models is that we machine a zinc steel insert into the handle of the light. We tap it and insert a 90 degree elbow and use a steel CGB (cord grip) to hold the SOOW cord in place. In doing so, operators can lean the light up against the wall without damaging the cord.

Mounting: This drop light comes standard with a set of drop hooks to allow users to conveniently hang the unit overhead anywhere illumination is needed. The rubber handle at the end of the fixture lets the operator handle this task light with ease and comfort; the rubber handle and end also adds durability to the drop light. The non-metallic construction eliminates the risk of energized external parts should the unit come into contact with exposed electrical components. The FTL-5-LED-50 is equipped with 50 foot of cable, making this drop light versatile and provides the operator with plenty of length for moving the light around the workspace.

Voltage: The internal driver in this unit provide the ability to automatically monitor and adjust input current to maintain the correct LED voltage levels regardless of input levels across a specific range. These light towers can operate on current ranging from 120 to 277V AC for high voltage models or 11 to 25V AC/DC for low voltage models without any modifications necessary as a result. This ability to sense and adjust input current also provides protection against voltage spikes and drops that can occur in electrical systems which would otherwise result in burning up or premature LED failure without it.