Heart Low-poly 3D model
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Heart Low-poly 3D model

Heart Low-poly 3D model

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 year, 2 months ago
Detailed 3D model of a HUMAN HEART. I created 3 different level of details for you, so you can use the model that suits your needs. This model features Low Poly model(Ar/VR or Game Engines use), Mid level Poly level(Videos or CG Presentations) and High Poly model(3D Printing)


Here are the polygon details:

Low Poly Model (AR/VR or Game Engines use) Faces: 13,027 Tris: 25,921 Verts: 13,025

Mid Level Model (Videos or CG Presentations) Faces: 32,990 Tris: 65,966 Verts: 33,073

Mid Level Model (3D Printing) Faces: 831,600 Tris: 1,663,200 Verts: 832,354


This model is in PBR METALNESS workflow ALL MAPS are in 4K resolution

For this model I made 2 UV maps ( UPPER PART and LOWER PART) Model is properly UV Unwrap

Upper Part : Heart_Upper_BaseColor Heart_Upper_Height Heart_Upper_Metallic Heart_Upper_Normal Heart_Upper_Roughness Heart_Upper_Subsurface

Lower Part : Heart_Lower_BaseColor Heart_Lower_Height Heart_Lower_Metallic Heart_Lower_Normal Heart_Lower_Roughness Heart_Lower_Subsurface

I included the Zbrush and Ztl Tool file so you can have access if you want some change or Specific changes on the details of the model


You will receive 2 ZIP files (Heart Zbrush Data and Human Heart)

Heart Zbrush Data : -Ztool File (HeartFinalToolFile)- contains the ZTool file of the heart in Zbrush -HeartFinal.ZPR

Human Heart : 3D MODEL -FBX File (contains the fbx file) -High Poly Model (contains the High Poly .Obj file) -Mid Poly Model (contains the Mid Poly .Obj file) -Low Poly Model (contains the Low Poly .Obj file)

4k TEXTURE MAPS -Heart_Upper_BaseColor -Heart_Upper_Height -Heart_Upper_Metallic -Heart_Upper_Normal -Heart_Upper_Roughness -Heart_Upper_Subsurface -Heart_Lower_BaseColor -Heart_Lower_Height -Heart_Lower_Metallic -Heart_Lower_Normal -Heart_Lower_Roughness -Heart_Lower_Subsurface


Contains all the rendershots of the model
Thank you so much for purchasing ! Have a great day