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Harrelson Law Firm

Harrelson Law Firm

by 3DWarehouse
The Foreman Building was built in 1901 by Benjamin M. Foreman. Originally 3 stories, the Foreman building features a triangular design and elegant stone work and arches on the ground floor. The top two floors featured beautiful brick tracery and housed the Swann hotel ( later named the Splawn Hotel). On March 10th, 1952 a resident accidently set his room ablaze while smoking in bed. 1 female resident lost her life and the top two floor were completely consumed. Today the Foreman Building houses the Harrelson Law Firm and the offices of State Rep Steve Harrelson of Arkansas. The building went through an extensive remodel and with the help of Mr. Harrelson, the outer facade of the first floor has been completely restored to its original beauty