Golden Gear Awards 2013

by GrabCAD
The Golden "Rotating" Gear Awards Trophy

There is a trophy in the trophy, the purpose is to provide a sense of pride to the winners with the trophy that actually shaped like a trophy. Beside that the golden gear on the model can be rotated and will look as if grabby who make the that gear rotated. And since 3d printing is not a mass product so i make it customizable, there is a space at the gear side that can be filled with different trophy catagory letter. So, isn't it attractive enough? I think it would be great if I could have this trophy on my desk.. :D

Model Description:
- the little trophy deliberately attached to the body so that the left hand has a support,
- the minimum thickness is 2mm,
- I made 0.5mm as the clearance between parts on each side,
- model is an assembly that consists of 4 parts,
- outer dimension is 8.198 x 7.708 x 5.2 cm
- the total volume is 37.53 cubic centimeters and it still can be reduced (if necessary).

And for the beginning I proposed to print it using sandstone in order to make it full colors (cost $ 28.15), but if it's not possible with this model shape, then my 2nd option is using alumide which looks exclusive and also stronger and allowed more detail (cost $ 65.68).

If there any advise that could make this model to be more "3d printable" plese put it as a comment below, thanks..