Glasses, pitcher, ashtray and dice (POV-Ray)

by Oyonale
Full scene containing:3 types of glassesA pitcherAn ashtrayDicesThepitcherand theashtrayare also available as Cinema 4D and OBJ files.This image was created as a demo scene for several objects modelled with Rhino (glasses, pitcher, ashtray) forClosing time, and a dice modelled with Cinema 4D was added later. It is available also onWikimedia Commons. It wasPicture of the Dayon Wikipedia on August 2, 2006 and illustrates several articles on digital images.If you've come here from an internet discussion about this image, here are some general comments about this image:No, it's not made with Photoshop. It's amusing how many people now just assume thateverythingis photoshopped. If you don't believe me, just download POV-Ray and the image source code (the latter released in the public domain) and run it yourself!Yes, this is not state-of-the-art photorealistic computer generated imagery. There's a lot that could be done to improve it from a photorealistic standpoint, but that was not the purpose. It was just a quick-and-dirty demonstration scene for POV-Ray featuring some old, simple models that I wanted to give away. It just happened that some Wikipedians thought it nice enough.The technology is raytracing + radiosity. Focal blur is camera-based (using the basic POV-Ray implementation, no choice for bokeh etc.) and is the major culprit of the long render time. No post-process of any kind.No, no matter the tool (and I've been using other and better renderers for a while now), creating images like this is never done by just pressing a button and letting the machine work. This was a quick job but it still took a lot of tinkering to get right.