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Girl's Bedroom 20 pc set

Girl's Bedroom 20 pc set

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 7 months ago
This bright and cheerful girl's bedroom suite is efficiently constructed to conserve overhead, while bringing a unique appeal to your architectural interior. Image 1 shows an example use of the included furniture. Room and windows are not included.

All drawers and doors are constructed so they may be opened and closed.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are downloading the .3ds file format, you will need to reapply textures, all of which are included. You may also need to adjust smoothing groups (everything with the material named 'white' should be set to a smoothing angle of zero) and material properties, as these may not translate well between applications.

This collection includes:

(2) beds:
...Regular bed with headboard, quilts, pillows, etc.
...Hutch bed with bookcase headboard, quilts, pillows, etc.
Regular straight desk
Corner desk (may be combined with straight desk)
Desk chair
Low dresser with mirror
Tall dresser
Tall bookcase
Flower lamp
Desk lamp
iPear computer with monitor, keyboard and mouse
flower rug
beige carpet
heart picture in frame
flowers in vase
storage boxes
valence curtains

Please download large jpeg for better view of room furnishings.