Geared Heart -Single Print with Moving Parts - Last Minute Gift

by Thingiverse
**If you print it, please consider posting your Make a small token of gratitude.**

I've been looking at a necklace version... but my real job has been busy busy.

**Quick note** : I found a very small deformation on the axle of one of the models uploaded. I should be able to add it to the next tweak. Thanks for posting all the Makes and positive feedback!

**UPDATE (2015-06-02)** : I added a new version of the large gap model that was causing some printers to print usual bridging at the top layer of the model. If your printer isn't perfectly dialed in or this is your first try at printing this model then use this version first:

**UPDATE (2015-02-08)** : I added a "new" version that has a __larger gap__ around the axles to try and address the issue some are having (including me) with the first layers fusing (especially with PLA). Let me know how it works, thanks.

**UPDATE (2015-02-05)** : I added a version (GearedHeartV1_5-wGearHoles.stl) that has holes in the gears and axels ... as requested by a couple users (to make it easier to turn with a pencil tip or paperclip).

**Description:** So you've been busy tinkering in the lab all day and forgot to get something for that someone special. If you've got a nicely leveled 3D printer you could quickly print one of these cute keychains... of course you have to say something beautifully sappy like:
... "You're the gear on the left and I'm the gear on the right, and the gear at the bottom is our love that keeps us in sync..."

And if that doesn't work, well good luck to ya!

Inspired by Emmett's awesome single print Gear Bearing, his Heart Gears (which takes a while to print and put together) and Umake's Gearbox Keychain.

I set out to make keychain that has moving gears but in a single print inside of a heart.

### Note to PLA users:
Let the print cool before removing from the plate. You don't want the gear and axle to stick while hot and fuse.

Newest Version has rounded size and bigger hole for the keychain.

***I also added both of the original, no holes, files separately so you can dual print it. It worked well. the "natural" and pink one is a dual print. ***

New Video posted:

Video of an early version:

Printed with equipment from the [Ross School's Innovation Lab]( ).