GMC Canyon 2006 (Extended Cab)

by TurboSquid
High detailed 3d model of GMC Canyon 2006 (Extended-Cab) with interior.Main features:   - Two .max files with Brazil and Standard 3ds Max materials   - MeshSmooth is still in the history for .max format (MeshSmooth level 1 is set by default)   - Separate objects like body, wheels and doors. All objects are intelligently named   - Doors can be opened   - All textures and materials are included and assigned   - Previews rendered in 3ds Max 7.0 with Brazil R/S using MeshSmooth iteration level 1 for all objectsSpecial notes:   - .obj format is recommended for import in other 3d software. If your software doesn't support .obj format, please use .3ds format; .obj format was exported from 3ds Max. The geometry for .obj format is set to quads   - .max files can be loaded in 3ds Max 7.0 or higher. In order to use Brazil rendering setups and materials, Brazil R/S 2.0 or higher is requiredPolycounts:   - .max format:       • no MeshSmooth: 30,647 faces and 33,535 vertices       • MeshSmooth level 1: 79,263 faces and 85,426 vertices       • MeshSmooth level 2: 255,813 faces and 260,442 vertices   - .c4d, .lwo, .scn, .mb and .obj formats:       • low: 32,213 faces and 33,543 vertices       • medium: 80,337 faces and 85,422 vertices       • high: 256,075 faces and 268,438 vertices   - .3ds format:       • low: 58,328 faces and 35,261 vertices       • medium: 156,392 faces and 87,250 vertices       • high: 512,132 faces and 275,049 vertices