Fruit Bowl Grapes Leaves Apples Cut Damast Knife 3D Model

by Highend3D
A bowl of fruits with a complete set of textures and clean models for custom setup, ready to render.This includes my packages:- Apples- Grapes Model Kit- Knife DamastIt has a full construction set for custom bunches of grapes and a set of apples, including cut ones, complete with single aeeds.It also includes a unique kitchen knife made of damast steel wich you really won't find anywhere else, because I forged it with my own hands.8K textures included.Suitable for super macro shots, especially if supported by procedurals for ultra fine detail.Textures:- Diffuse- Roughness- Reflection- Transmission- SSS- Bump- Normal- Displacement- AlphaSetup:- 1x Example Composition- 3x Apple whole Fruit- 1x Apple Cut Side A with two unique Seeds- 1x Apple Cut Side B with two unique Seeds- Grape Seed- Grape with Seed- Grape + Stem- Variation 2 x Grape and Big Stem- Variation 3 x Grape and Big Stem- Variation 4 x Grape and Big Stem- 3x Big Stem of different Shapes- Leaf Undeformed as base- Leaf Deformed- Bunch of Grapes with Leaf, Small- Bunch of Grapes with Leaf, Big- Knife: Blade and Hilt- Wooden BowlEnjoy rendering!Free File Conversions: Need this 3d model in another format? pleaseContact Supportto verify we can provide the format you need.Please use theSupport Forumif you have any questions or problems.Please rate and review in theReviewsection.