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Formosan Black Bear

Formosan Black Bear

by Thingiverse
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support angle 40 deg
z resolution 0.15mm
scale 100%
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The number of living Formosan black bear population is currently small, spotted in Taiwan Taiwan's Central Mountain Range is a unique subspecies of the Asian black bear, chest V-shaped markings are its characteristics.

I will create only black bears were glad to hear the story of a Formosan black bear.
Taipei Zoo has one called "mini three" female Formosan black bear. Because arrested beast clip to clip off the right front leg, leaving three feet so was named the "mini three." After this poor black bear lent Kaohsiung Shoushan Zoo, even in December 2013 by another black bear killed in Kaohsiung Shoushan Zoo. Kaohsiung Shoushan Zoo conceal this unfortunate news released until a month after the tragedy.The news made me very sad, so I designed only bears to commemorate this unfortunate incident.