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Flying Taxi Bell Nexus Animated

Flying Taxi Bell Nexus Animated

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 11 months, 3 weeks ago
Realistic high detailed Bell Nexus Flying Taxi (from CES - Consumer Electronics Show 2019) model with high resolution textures.
The model has clean topology and it is good in any iteration of smoothing/subdiv.
The model has armature is rigged and animated.
Game ready model - can be used in game engines and realtime scenes.

- The units of measurement during the creation process were centimeters.
- Clean and optimized topology is used for maximum polygon efficiency.
- No extra plugins are needed for this model.
- This model consists of 14 meshes.
- All objects have fully unwrapped UVs.
- The mesh has 4 pbr materials, clear UV, textures and maps.
- Includes 4096x4096 textures (Diffuse (Base color), Metalness, Normal, Roughness, AO, Emissive maps).
- Also includes models without rig.

The model has Armature with 20 clearly named bones. Armature uses constrains to move parts easier.

Rigged models are in .blend (native), .fbx and .dae file formats.
The asset also includes simple model (Bell_Nexus_Blend.rar) with ready scene, as in ID 1370221 asset. This model is also render-ready.

Also includes readme.txt with short tutorial how to use the armature.
Also includes References.rar with photos and reference images from CES 2019 and Bell hangars.

Materials are:

Textures are in .png file format.
All textures are in 'Supporting items' and in 'Blender' archeive.
Model is in .blend, .max .dae, .fbx, .obj, x3d (Extensible 3D), stl file formats. (.blend is native file format). Made in Blender 2.79.

Bell_Nexus_Animated_Blend.rar includes 2 .blend files:

Bell_NexusAtAnimated - is an animated model. See below Animation Information.
*At uses for exporting animations into game engines.

Bell_Nexus_Rigged - is a model with rig, and posed at standart pose when the vehicle is landed.

Animation information:

Total lenghth: 210 frames.
Animation speed: 24 FPS (can be changed).
Total time: 8,75 sec.

Clipping for rotors:

0-30         Rotors slow rotation;
30-38          Rotors medium speed rotation;
38-167         Rotors max speed rotation;
167-187         Rotors medium speed rotation;
187-210         Rotors slow rotation;
Clipping for other actions:

0-10         Just rotors working, the door is opened;
10-50         Doors are closing;
50-60         Just rotors working, the door is closed;
60-110         Turbines rotate forward;
110-120 Flying pose with working rotors;
120-170         Turbines rotate upward;
170-210         Doors are opening;
*Note: Animated models are just .blend and .fbx

* Note: Rigged and Animated models include 'Rigged' or 'At Animated' in the name. All other models are simple.

*Note: Just .blend file is CheckMate Certified.
Scene render used hdri maps (not included).

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