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Film Pack Rack - Lomography Challenge

Film Pack Rack - Lomography Challenge

by GrabCAD
It seemed impossible for weeks to come up with anything else for this competition; there are many accessories already produced for this product and available on their web store.

However, a stroke of creativity lead me to this new design. I realized there's no dedicated storage for the film, multiple rolls for extended sessions as such.

My concept is an attachment for the bottom of the Konstruktor camera. This attachment has room for 4 film rolls each with individual flip up covers preserving the film independently from each other.

I think it makes sense as soon as you look at it, and during my research there's nothing quite like it out there on the market; a unique and practical design. You seen it here first!

Like's are appreciated :)

This is an entry for this design challenge https://grabcad.com/challenges/lomography-camera-accessory-challenge