Filing Box

by TurboSquid
Filing BoxDescription:Generic storage box designed for office/scene filler. Comes in 3 different styles both exterior box and interior tabs. The papers inside the box are based of the measurement of an A4 page 297 mm long and 210mm wide.UV:There is 1 UV set for this modelThird-Party Materials or Plug-ins:No third party materials or plug-ins required, all examples shown are rendered with the software's default engine with no lighting setup in the scene.Textures:Includes 3 textures at 2048 x 2048 (3x Diffuse) with a 8px safety boarder to avoid seam issues.All Textures include a baked ambient occlusion pass.Texture Formats are “Targa” “.tga”File Formats:Modelled in Maya 8.5   - Maya mb   - FBX   - OBJReal World Scale:Length: 17.32 Inches / 44cmHeight: 9.84 Inches / 25cmWidth: 13.38 Inches / 34cm(Please see thumbnails for a visual representation)