Fighter Plane Z1 3d model
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Fighter Plane Z1

Fighter Plane Z1

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 year, 3 months ago
Hi! This 3d model consists of full internal and external design of fighter plane. This contains the outer body as well as internal engine. This contains CATPART, CATASSEMBLY and IGS file. The IGS file is given so that you can open this model in any 3d modeling software. The parts and materials in this models are :
Part                                                       Material
Jet engine rotor                                           Aluminium
Jet engine stator                                          Aluminium
(consists of stator blade and burner)
Steel shell to enclose jet engine                  Steel
Wood shell                                                   Timber
Front surface and cabin                               Aluminium
Glass cover to enclose cabin                      Glass
Wing and wing mechanism                         Aluminium
Outer surface                                              Aluminium

A main assembly file is given as CATASSEMBLY. But you can also open all parts in catia and do manual assembly. The wings also have turning mechanism that can be seen using motor and shaft mechanism.

Dimension :
4855mm x 6566mm x 1000mm