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FemaleArmor FulRIG + Facial

by Blend Swap
I'm working as a 3D artist in Animation Studio and this is my personal work for fan art XCOM:Enemy Unknown, Female Titan Armor, a low poly version with body rig and facial rigSome Important Message:~Need some decent vga card and up-to-date driver for GLSL view~There's a hidden part that contain the helmet model but hi poly~The Body rig is from rigify plug-in~The facial rig is plug-in from khuyyj Facial bone addon,with lot of heavy modification because broke in latest ver~Reduced Quality of thetexture for better size (original is 4096px with .tga extension)~Texture is hand painted from PSSome WIP of this projectWIPI don't take anyprofitfrom this, i'm just do it as a passion and funLatest Change on 2014/03/15, 09:37:41Updated files