Fairfield aubrey sofa 3d model
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Fairfield aubrey sofa 3d model

Fairfield aubrey sofa 3d model

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 year ago
This is high poly sofa 3d model
Rendered in vray.
Stack not collapsed.
Textures included.
Model tested checkmate light program.
3ds, fbx, obj files exported without meshsmooth modifier.

No hidden objects
All objects groupped
All objects have materials
No missing textures and texture paths cleared
All objects have 1:1 scale
File have only model, no lights or cameras
File have gamma 1.0
Unit scale cm 1:1
Model optimised for rendering in 3ds max and v-ray, in other programs may adjust materials and lighting,

MODEL NUMBER: S-7539-50 Aubrey Sofa
DIMENSIONS w78 d32 h34
ah 24 sh 18.5 sd 20.5 iw 69
SEAT CUSHION: Loose Seat- reversible seat cushion with nylon zipper closure. Air -vents are used in the back border of the cushion
when non-breathable fabric have been selected. Standard with moisture barrier decking.
H3L cushions are constructed using the latest in soy-based chemical technology. Soy-based cushions are
sustainable and renewable. H3L is a high traffic cushion with a low crown. The foam core is 2.3 pounds density per
cubic foot with a HR 30 (plus or minus 2) IFD, Indention Force Deflection. The core is buffed on two sides all the
way around to add crown. The foam is book wrapped with a .75 oz. low melt polyester on each side and front. H3L
can be upgraded to a Dual Zone Reflex wrap cushion for an upcharge. All Fairfield foam cushions meets CAL
SEAT SUPPORT: 8.5 gauge No-Sag 'flat' sinuous springs attached with No-Sag squeak-proof clips. Flat spring construction
provides firm support with little or no 'crown' to the seat surface, preferred for Senior Living.
Tight back cushions are constructed using the latest in soy-based chemical technology. Soy-based cushions are
sustainable and renewable. Depending on the design and style the back cushions range from 1.0-1.5 pound per
cubic foot density polyurethane with a 17-35 IFD (Indentation Force Deflection), with a .75 oz. Dacron topper. All
Fairfield foam cushions meets CAL 117-2013
BACK SUPPORT: 4 nylon webbing covered with heavy duty FLW propex and Insul Pad to give proper shape and support.
FRAME: European Beech solid hardwood frames harvested from certified sustainable forest.
Frames are handcrafted using the most trusted construction techniques that have been in practice for centuries. To
insure frame integrity and compatibility with style and design requirements, frames are engineered to use a variety
of joint construction. Triple dowel construction is standard. Many major stress joints feature both triple doweling,
mortise and tenon and corner blocks that are attached with PVAC glue, staples and four screws. Frames are
laboratory tested to BIFMA approved standards and have a weight capacity of 300 pounds per seat.
GLIDES: A selection of 12 glides are available as an option.
FINISH: Fairfield Standard lacquer finish is a 9 step pre-catalyzed, nitrocellulose process. The pre-cat finish has UV
inhibitors to reduce harmful effects of the sunlight and features silver ion technology for antimicrobial protection.
Silver ions inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria on the finish surface. Fair-Shield Plus is a 7 step
conversion vanish that offers enhanced chemical, moisture, mar and scratch resistance over a pre-cat system. It is
ideal for high-use commercial environments. Fair-Shield Plus contains a clear top-coat conversion varnish that forms
a chemically cross-linked barrier that is more resistant to wear and abrasion