F.L. Wright Nightstand

by TurboSquid
FOR FILE CONVERSION ASK SUPPORT************************************************************************************************************************Design: Frank Lloyd Wright,************************************************************************************************************************~ Modeled and rendered with 3ds Max 9 / V-Ray, V-Ray scene requires V-Ray plugin, the Scanline scene requires no plugins.~ 3ds Max 9 is the native file~ High quality modeling that is detailed, excellent for closeups, and architectural visualization.~ Model is scaled to real world.~ Added 3ds Max 9 format with V-Ray materials, and with standard materials for Default Scanline Renderer.~ The rendering scene you see in the second image is not included.~ Materials are named logically.~ Objects in the files are named logically.~ Textures are named logically.~3ds max file contains the brighter wood material also.~ Texture size is 950*1200pixel / 72 dpi.~ The model has ngons also.Polys: 3656 (48 tris + ngons), Verts: 3926************************************************************************************************************************                                                          Please submit a rating :)                                          (+) feedback helps me to improve my library                                                                      Thank you!************************************************************************************************************************