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Ekobots - Bearing generator (Linear).

Ekobots - Bearing generator (Linear).

by Thingiverse
Last crawled date: 3 years, 2 months ago
Linear bearing generator.
NEW VERSION now with recirculation system!
Full customizable:

bearing external diameter;
bearing internal diameter;
bearing height;
sphere diameter;
number of spheres;

Need other type?
Radial bearing:
Axial bearing:

No cage for spheres. Yet;
We have a lot of parameters, not all combinations will work.
You need a really good print to do the job.
Still in work process, be careful!

Made in OpenSCAD full customizable.
You can help me to do more things like this.
Buy my designs at pinshape:http://pinshape.com/users/27920-jsirgado
The OpenSCAD file is there, you can change all.