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Easy Buildings from a QR Code

by Blend Swap
If you don't mind to waste a few minutes, try this: Make a QR code (based on any text. This is the result of my name) using whatever program you have (I use QtQR). Substract the white color areas (Photoshop or Gimp) and save the image as .png. Import this image to Corel Draw (I use Inkscape) and vectorize it, saving it as .svg. Import this to Blender, convert to objet from curve, extrude and make some holes to the mesh (as if they were windows), apply the modifier array to add as many flats as you want and that's it. Yo can adjust the size of the individual buildings to improve the scene. You don't really need to download this blend. Have fun.Latest Change on 2013/11/05, 10:40:02edit description