EXCEL Takasago Rims Pack 3d model
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EXCEL Takasago Rims Pack

EXCEL Takasago Rims Pack

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 year, 4 months ago
EXCEL Takasago Rims Pack for mid sizes and full sizes Enduro; Motocross and Trail bikes.

Blender cycles.

- Each .rar file contains 7 rims (2 front and 5 rear) with both high and low unsubdivided meshes for each format, 2 of the 5 rear have 32 spoke holes instead of 36, each rim have a valve hole and a rim lock hole and some rim even have a second rim lock hole.
The spoke holes are in a correct location/angle, no adjustment needed.
- The scale is set to 1.000
- These models are very accurate and very similar to the real world (scale, proportion, sidewall texts) measured in metric units.
I mostly use quad polygons when modeling and only a very few triangles.

- Poly counts:
Front: High: 82.442 vertices; 81.584 polygons
          Low: 3.610 vertices; 3.328 polygons
Rear: High: 77.281 vertices; 76.408 polygons
          Low: 3.587 vertices; 3.273 polygons

- Texture: 1814x512

- I've attached the original .psd template so you can customize the rim or the logo color on your own.

- If you want different rim width to then just scale the borders on the x axis.

- The blend.rar contain: 1 high mesh file; 1 low mesh file and 1 low mesh with subdivision surface and solidify modifier that I use to fill the inside of the rim when rendering, I also include 1 rendering scene.

- The .3ds file is available for low poly only.

* This product is compatible with all my other products that belong in the same category.