Diezdesign extruder for 1.75mm

by Thingiverse
Extruder for 1.75mm filament, very small and compact.
For 24mm carriage
You only need:

50mm centrifugal fan (5015S)
40mm fan
E3D extruder or similar (I'm using the first version)
624ZZ bearing
4 x M3x30, 1 x M3x10, 1 x M3x20, 4 x M3x40, 2 x M3nut
M4 screw or 4mm rod cut 12mm (as a axis, to hold the bearing)

Every part is ready for printing, no needs of support material.
Very easy to change the filament.
I've been testing it for a long time, and now I think is ready to publish it, it works really good.
I hope you enjoy it!