Delta Robot - Yazzo PolyBot Derivative

by Thingiverse
This is a Derivative of the original Yazzo PolyBot by WilliamAAdams. I found the original design to be something I wanted to build and test with immediately. So I found some things I wanted to do differently and wanted other people to experiment with this awesome robot.
UPDATE: The Female and Male Clevis Elbows I had uploaded here are the wrong size. I no longer have the proper size on my computer. Please follow these links to get them:
On the original Polybot the files were spread around Thingiverse and were very hard to find, I have consolidated them into one spot.
I have also changed the threaded rod connectors of the Tetrahedron support structure. These new ones should be much easier to print and will print without support. They should also be much sturdier.
I have also changed the servo brackets to make them much easier to mount the servos. You no longer have to take apart your servos and struggle with getting them back together in order to mount them. The servos also sit out further off the platform. With the original design, the servos sat too far in on the platform making it impossible to get a good range of motion for the servo arms.
One of the negatives of these new designs is the need for fasteners. The original PolyBot was designed to use as few fasteners as possible. This one can be edited to make the holes smaller on the printed parts for the threaded rod to fit snugly into without the use of nuts. I prefer to use nuts because it makes assembly so much easier. Nuts are pretty inexpensive too and you are probably going to be in the hardware store anyway for the threaded rod.
Currently, I am using standard Medium Hobby Servos to move the arms. For now they work really well and easily move the lightweight arms of this bot.
As for the micro-controller, I am using a Picaxe 28X/40X. But you can use whatever you like.
If you find this bot to be interesting, I seriously recommend printing and building it. It is pretty cheap to build and doesn't take much time. It is a lot of fun to mess around with. As for improvements, I already have a bunch of ideas in mind. And I know WilliamAAdams is working on improvements for the original Cranberry Yazzo Polybot, hopefully he will release something soon!
Here is a video of it moving... I should have gotten it to do something more interesting. But I have to go to work in the morning and I spent the night preparing the files and doing this write-up. Kind of lame, more and better video soon! I promise!
Another update... I couldn't leave it for the night with just that crappy first video. So I programmed some numbers that might make the bot look like it is moving semi-coherently.
So here is a better video of Delta Robot Movement: