Damixa Arc Series Concept - Sculptura Original

by GrabCAD
This concept idea for the Arc-series has much focus on the flexibility and minimalistic design. For this, the multiple wide arm idea was made up, and together with the rotating platform, give you a huge ability for movement in every single direction.

An other advantage with the multiple arm design is how it easy can be
made small and compact to make good room on the kitchen desk.
The two moving main arms are the exact same parts which reduce production costs.

An idea for the interior construction could be having a tube for the water going from the mixer in the bottom to the nozzle in the top, through the joints and hinges -without any connection- which make sure of no risk for any leakage in the hinges (as if the parts were filled with water).
Also, the arms should not be solid parts, or it will be heavy weight which produces stress concentrations in the hinges.

An alternative to the top nozzle head is the one already used on the products in the Arc series. This will be presented as an alternative version ,uploaded separate which you can find here:
Damixa arc series concept - Sculptura - Alternative version

The goal with my actual design of the Sculptura was something that was modern and exciting but still realistic and not crazy.

Note: The models for visual effects are used with permission and are made by:

Robert Voogt
Coffee maker v1 & v2

Jon Clark
Drinking glass

The kitchen sink by:
Jeff Boor