Da Vinci Cura Settings - repetier 0.92

by Thingiverse
after the first layer turn bed off.
ABS does work with PVA using the gluestick file. but it likes to pop off if the glass goes below 75. so we might have to lay down at a cooler temperature to keep it stuck.
also if your print is comming off the bed a little hotglue at the base will ensure it stays in place. for more pictures and stuff
i switched to turn the hotend turn down to 208-209 after the first layer. inting-Supplies/Tape-Glue-Adhesive/Adhesives-Glues/White/GLUE-WHITE-NATURA-950ML/_/N-ntmadZ1r4p8f/R-I2020510 this stuff and its amazing,.
use this method pvac for pla and bluetape for ABS seems to be the combo that works great for me.
new pvac - pla v3 settings i've been using 208 and 60 for the bed temp since switching to this new glue from homehardware.
while printing pla and abs i was getting lips on the bottom of my parts, put this in the gcode.start its included in V8 pla pvac file. its scalable for speed i've had it 150+ % to under 50% running fine. run at 80% for the default 0.37 layer or set to 0.25 - 0.35 and go 100% 150% + speed
G28 Z0 ;move Z to min endstops
G92 Z0.3 F200 ; bed height start
G92 Z0 ; 0.4 for blue tape
i tried orange pla from and if i was lucky enough to get the first couple layers down it would jam up midprint. works great at highspeed 0.37 thick layers. though it has issues with sticking to bare glass. video of the pva v8 setting at 140% speed never jams enough to stop a print just keeps on going even for whole plates of stuff.
repetier 0.92.3 << has some new updates i've not encorperated into the settings like jamsensor checking and autolevel matrix fixes.
also i've bumped into jamming issues when using the CSG in blender, hard to find artifacts after a lift retract it try's to push out an insane ammount of filament quickly. not sure if its zero faces or face winding... check my double harringbone model file from other project if you want to see first hand.