Da Vinci 1.0 Extruder Cable Chain

by Thingiverse
This is an extruder cable chain I remixed and made to suit the DaVinci 1.0 printer. It has a mounting bar to attach it to the extruder which can be simply glued or screwed in place.
The .stl contains a full set needed of 32 links, the clips and the mounting piece.
I just used double sided tape to attach the printer end of the cable just under the topmost metal piece at the back, and it works best if you reverse the bend direction on the last 10 or 11 links closest to the extruder to get proper orientation and clearance whilst printing.
I also suggest that you cut the link on the mounting piece to allow a full 180 degree pivot, that helps to allow the chain to move smoothly.
I am using a Mk8 hex extruder but this chain should happily fit the standard extruder as well.