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DHX2.0 gas tank (Updated Aluminum)

DHX2.0 gas tank (Updated Aluminum)

by GrabCAD
Last crawled date: 2 years, 6 months ago
Hey guys,

So if you followed my 3Dprinted tank build here:

DHX2.0 gas tank (3DPrinted)

you realize that it didn't really end up working in the end as the ethanol in the fuel reacted with the fiber-glass resin I used for the inner lining...

Although we could have used none ethanol gasoline, after some deliberation with other people and clients we thought that it would be best to play it safe with an all metal, aluminum design.

My original bikes used metal tanks but they were really difficult to fabricate with the tools I had in house. It was time to outsource the job. Luckily I had a friend here on GC, Bryan Lagrange, who specialized in sheet metal work, Mezco manufacturing Inc. I sent Bryan the .step file for the plastic tank and basically just told him to try to mimic the design the best he could but using sheet metal....and left it at that. He came back really quickly with a very well hashed out sheet metal tank version. I was really impressed with the quality and speed of the work, and as you can see in the pictures, the end result is really a special little tank, complete with a cool flush mount cap, a very unique and polished finished product. I couldn't have done without Bryan and his team at Mezco Manufacturing Inc. So a big thanks to them....


FYI, the tanks are used in this motorcycle design...

Dirt Force motorcycles DHX Moto 2.0

What do you guys think, comments and suggestions are always welcomed!