Blend Swap

Cycles Skin Shader for Animated Characters

by Blend Swap
Please give credit to Tawonga Donnell Msiska or Icon VisionContains 3 Materials of which each is a variation of the settings of the same Skin Node. Note that this blend file uses B-Wide Node Pack's Pass Combiner Dinoiser node group for compositing. The Material is designed for shading cartoon/animated characters, though using textures could achieve some nice realistic resultsTweak the following settings for the Material:Colour - Base difuse colour of the model (SSS colours will be calculated from this colour)Redness - How much Red SSS effect to be shown (0 is 100% redish has no effect if Yellowness is 0)Yellowness - How much Yellowy SSS colour to be shown (1 is 100% Yellowy/light brown colour)Flatness - How much of the difuse colour to show (1 is 100% and Redness & Yellowness will not work at this value)Glossy - Amount of final glossyness to be added - This is a blend value for the Fresnel Layer weight node (For candles you want more of this and 0 difuse)Glossy Roughness - Roughness of Glossy ReflextionsGlossy Colour - Reflection coloursRendering SSS requires a lot of samples for better quality, however when rendering for lower samples like 128,96,64,32,16,8, etc, there is need to use the compositor to reduce noice. Here we are using the B-Wide Node Pack's Pass Combiner Denoiser. Thus you need to enable all render passes for Defuse, Glossy, Transmission, SSS, Emmit, AO, and environment. Once rendered the following settings will reduce noise depending on the values for the compositor node. The lower the samples the smaller the values must be. Thus the lower the setting the more the noise will be removedDefuse Detail - Amount of Difuse parts of the image that are not denoised/bluredGlossy Detail - Amount of Glossy parts of the image that are not denoised/bluredTransmission Detail - Amount of Transmission of the image that are not denoised/bluredSSS Detail - Amount of SSS parts of the image that are not denoised/bluredHave fun and donot forget to Give Credit to Tawonga Donnell Msiska, or Icon Vision