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Cycles Shader Ball

by Blend Swap
I've been using other shader balls, and decided to create my own. I took ideas from other balls I've seen, so there are sharp edges, soft edges, round and rectangular parts. There's a part in front where it gets thinner for testing materials where thickness matters. I've added pure red, green, and blue to compare against, and the checker pattern is pure white, 50% gray, and pure black. Each small square in the checker pattern is 1cm. Feel free to use it however you like! I know there aremanyothers out there so I have no claims as to mine being better, but since I've made a few shaders I figured I'd make my own ball too.Latest Change on 2016/10/10, 19:57:33Updated ball to make it actually hollow instead of being cut by the internal gray sphere. For transparent materials it will work better now.