Cubieboard NVR case

by Thingiverse
Network video recorder (NVR) solutions in the market cost a fortune. Just a software license for NAS-based solutions are >$50/camera, and custom hardware solutions are in the thousands of dollars. So I decided to custom build-one.
Total cost: about $140 (including SD card and power brick). That's less than just software license costs for four cameras (and there's CPU cycles to spare, for more cameras), and an order of magnitude cheaper than typical custom hardware!
I used a Cubieboard2 (AllWinner A20 dual-core ARM, 1G RAM), a 2.5" 500G HDD, and Zoneminder. It can handle four standard-def (VGA) MJPEG streams (Foscam cameras) in modect mode (1 zone each) at 1fps, with cycles to spare (load avg is high due to I/O, but each core doesn't seem to go above 20% max, usually much lower than that). YMMV with different video formats and cameras.
Cubieboard parametric model. In addition to the case, cubie-nvr.scad also has a model of the Cubieboard, with outward extension and slack parameters for connectors, so you could use it to cut out holes in your own case designs. Note that OpenSCAD seems to have issues rendering some parts in preview (F5), but all works fine in final render (F6).