Blend Swap

Crown and Cove Moulding Set

by Blend Swap
A set of 30 crown mouldings and 5 cove mouldings. Each one has a 12" (30.5 cm) section that you can scale to any length, and four smaller pieces for each of the different corner miters. Scale is 1 BU = 1m, and everything is the correct size for the scale; you only need to scale for length. If you want extra realism, most mouldings come in 8' lengths, so if you need any longer pieces you should make a seam. The center point of each piece is the corner so you can snap the mouldings to walls and ceiling easily.Sorry, the screenshot is rather lame but I didn't know how best to present these.p.s. This was downright tedious, so I hope someone can make use of these! ;)