Blend Swap

Crossbow in 2.70

by Blend Swap
Crossbow done in cycles. Like it but wasn't sure what kind of environment to put it in so I didn' At any rate all of the textures are from with the exception of the image on the feathers which was found during a random search for feather images. If not for plaintextures my models would not have the appearance that they have. I have combined several textures to form the textures that you see in the blend and learned this technique from the Andrew Price Tutorial on creating realistic materials. It is completely parented to the body of the crossbow. It is not something that wold even really be functional in real life as I added a bunch of stuff just because I thought it would look cool (Like the gears at the mid point of the crossbow). I had the idea in my head that by pulling back on the cocking bar that these hinges would rotate pulling back the support and lifting the string catch to pull the string into place. Even though these things are present the effectiveness of that mechanism is not realistic but like I looks