Cross Slot Stirling Engine

by GrabCAD
Cross Slot Stirling Engine (Kreuzschlitz-Stirlingmotor)

A full functional model - developed, designed and tested in practice - by "Rolf Schuflitz" (Germany)

Indication of source:
Die Fachzeitschrift für den technischen Funktionsmodellbau:
»Maschinen im Modellbau 4/14« on page 44 to page 51
Titel: A simple stirling engine for newbies

If you are interested, and you would like to see more, please go to:

/!\ This model has been created by me acc. to drawings, I found in the article.
/!\ Threads, centerings, bearings and axial guidings are modeled without clearance.
/!\ Most of the inner threads are modeled with "Cutouts" of the outer threads.
/!\ Ball Bearings are modeled without ball cages, because of a downloaded STEP-file from:
/!\ Assembling order, as shown in the model tree, is not the same as the assembling order in the reality.
/!\ For tightly glueing of some sub assemblies use a 2-component adhesive (Positions are shown in the (.pdf)-file)

Shared data:
STEP-file of the complete assembly
All native files in a "zipped folder" for users of »PTC Creo Parametric 2.0«
A (.pdf)-file with scanned pages of the article from the technical publication.

Likes, comments, new renderings and simulations are very much appreciated.

Thank you for your attention!